Lesson 9--Microduino Infrared Transcoding

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This lesson will use the TV remote control electric water heater, to achieve infrared transcoding functions.


Microduino-Core is a 8-bit microcontroller development board using Atmel ATmega328P, ATmega168PA as core, which is an opened and Arduino UNO compatible controller module.

Download program module, connects with Microduino-Core or Microduino-Core+ directly, and communicates with PC. It uses MicroUSB, so Microduino is very small, just like one yuan coin. The download cable is the same with mobile USB cable, easy to use.

  • Other hardware equipment
    • USB Data cable one
    • The infrared receiver two
    • Infrared transmitting tube two
    • 470Ω resistor two
    • Infrared remote control two
    • Pegboard one
    • Row needles
    • LED one


Download program: https://github.com/Microduino/Microduino_Tutorials/tree/master/Microduino_Advanced/Microduino_Infrared_transcoding

Prepare Work

Step 1: Set up infrared receive and send board

  • Requsted hardware:Infrared transmitting tube, infrared receiver, resistor, pegboard, row needles.
  • Welding Schematic
  • Welding hardware. Infrared light is invisible to the naked eye, use a LED lights to indicate, and use program to control.

Step 2:Infrared decoding

Download example program: You can use serial port the check the decoding value for example program. Or run the IRecvDemo program in IRremote library and use serial to observe. You need change the infrared receive pin "RECV_PIN+11" to your own pin. In our example program, A3 is used, so need change to "RECV_PIN = A3".

  • Haier remote control decoding key value
  • Home TV remote control decoding
  • Store the decoding value to Excel file and easy to convert
  • Step 3:Program debug

Player can change program according to actual condition.

  • Use the bread board to set tup circuit, infrared receive and send pin can be defined by yourself, the send pin is D3.
  • The decoding value of some hardware, such as refrigerators, air conditioners is stored into function hongwaisend().
  • Other remote control's decoding valuce is stored in function hongwaikong().
  • After compiled, select correct board to download.
  • Finished download, you can test the infrared decoding control function.


use the TV remote control to control electric water heater, fully realize the function of infrared transcoding. Players can design according to yourself circumstance.


  • Can't use for all of the remote control, some remote control with special code can't be transcoded.
  • Define infrared send and receive pin.
  • Pay attention to the send pin connection, just like the LED.