MCookie Frequently Asked Questions

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Why is my Battery Module not operating as it should?

First refer to the instruction booklet provided in every mCookie kit on how to properly use the Battery Module. When using alkaline batteries, the low power light will sometimes illuminate. This is due to the low voltage of alkaline batteries. While they may be enough to power simple projects, Microduino recommends 10440 3.7 volt lithium-ion batteries for most applications.

I used brand new alkaline batteries and they worked fine for a while, but now my Battery Module won't work at all. What happened?

To protect the device, when voltages are too low, a low-voltage protection mechanism will trigger. Insert new 10440 3.7 volt lithium-ion batteries to resolve the issue.

Where can I find the related libraries to all the modules and sensors?

Currently, they are all located within the IDE. First select Tools->Board->Microduino-CoreUSB. Then, all the libraries will be found under Sketch->Include Library.

Where can I find the documentation/APIs of the libraries, modules, and sensors?

We are updating our Wiki daily with new information. Check back frequently.

I am having issues installing the IDE for Mac. Where can I find help?

You will find step by step instructions at Getting started: Mac.

Where is the best place to get help on my projects?

The Troubleshooting section of our forum. Both admins and other users are very helpful!

Why can't I log in to the Microduino forum?

Log in on our homepage and then click the forum tab.

How can I buy modules and sensors individually?

At the moment, we only provide mCookies as Kits under 101 Basic, 201 Advanced, and 301 Expert. We do have plans to offer them individually in the future.

Can I program mCookies using Scratch?

Yes and no. You can download a support package and send/receive commands from mCookie modules/sensors through USB using the Scratch environment. Using the Scratch environment, you can operate on screen Scratch graphics or operate external devices such as buzzers, microphones, passive infrared sensors, servos, etc. Note that the mCookies have to remain connected to the computer via USB.

Can I upload programs to the mCookie using Scratch?

No, currently that is not supported.