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 Overview & Introduction

  • Editor: Ray

Application background

  • To create your own APP for networking projects and equipment
  • To use microduino or mCookie with the ESP8266 module Microduino-WIFI(ESP) and mCookie-WiFi as the networking equipment
  • Of course, you can also work with Arduino, raspberry pie and other hardware as the networking equipment

Get & configure Blynk

Acquire Blynk mobile phone client

  • You can download mobile phone client of the IPone and Android version here

Register account

  • Open the Blynk App to register an account (if already registered, please jump out of this step)
  • Enter the following interface, click Create New Account
  • Input E-mailandPasswrodand clickSign Up
  • Then, enter interface Connecting...

Create Project

  • Open mobile Blynk app, and click on the plus sign you can create a project:
  • You need to give your project a name, such as: Weather Station
  • At the same time, AUTH TOKEN below will show verification code generated by this project.
  • You can click the E-mail button, and the verification code will be sent to your mailbox.
  • Or long press AUTH TOKEN and copy it to the clipboard
  • The test verification code is private, please don't tell others.

Configure verification code, SSID and password

  • Copy the verification code to replace the auth[] variable in your program, generally in the user_def.h file.
#define SSID "type your ssid"
#define PASS "type your pass"

char auth[] = "type your blynk token";
  • Replace the router's SSID and password at the same time.