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Project: Communication between Microduino-BT and IOS devices.

Objective: To get the running time of Microduino-Core and Microduino-BT passed through to IOS devices via the serial port.

Difficulty: Primary.

Tim-consuming: 30mins

Maker: Microduino Studio-YLB

Bill of Material

  • Microduino Equipment
Module Number Function
Microduino-Core 1 Core board
Microduino-USBTTL 1 Program download
Microduino-BT 1 Bluetooth communication
  • Software Equipment

Arduino IDE(version 1.0 and higher), LightBlue downloaded from App Store;

  • Other Equipment
    • Support Bluetooth 4.0 IOS devices(iPhone 4s and higher, iPod touch 5 and higher, iPad 3 and higher as well as iPad mini and higher)
    • Micro USB cable


Test program download:File:BT.zip


   Step 1: Stack Microduino-Core and Microduino-USBTTL together, connect them to a computer with a USB cable, start Arduino IDE, open test program M_ble_Serial.ino, select Microduino Core (Atmega328P@16M,5V) from (tools)-> (Board) and choose the corresponding serial port from(tools)-> (Serial) . After that, please click the button "√" on the top left of IDE, compile the program, and then click "√" to burn the program into the board;
   Step 2: Stack all modules after the download, connect them to the computer with a USB cable and install after power-off. 

Step 3: Start to set IOS device, get the Bluetooth function activated, install and open LightBlue App, then open the serial monitor in the IDE on the Computer Client.

Step 4: Open LightBlue, enter Bluetooth device searching interface, find Microduino Bluetooth device from " Peripherals Nearby" and click to connect.


Enter the following interface after the connection:


Step 5: Select and click " Characteristic 6", watch the encoding format on the top right. If you see character string, please click Hex button (The default is Hex16 band encoding.) and choose UT-8 encoding format, then click " Listen for notifications " to enter monitoring state.


Step 6: Click "Write new value" and pop up text editing interface.


Enter an character string composed of letters and numbers, and watch result on the phone and the serial port.



From the pictures above, you can see the serial port receives phone data "12345" and the phone also gets the Bluetooth data "Bluetooth respond", which means Bluetooth communication is bidirectional.


  • If you keep the default jumper wire (RX0,TX1), please unplug the Microduion-BT module while downloading, then power off and install after the download.
  • If adopting jumper wire changing method, then you can change the serial connection of Microduino-BT and Microduino-Core from TX-RX-, RX-TX1 to:
    • TX-D2, RX-D3(Serial1 for Core+)
    • TX-D4, RX-D5(You can use SoftwareSeria library to handle it.)