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This tutorial will teach you how to use the dry reed pipe.


  • Other equipment
    • USB cable one
    • Jumper several
    • Dry reed pipe one

Dry reed pipe introduction

The characteristics of the dry reed pipe:

Dry reed pipe is a contact of passive electronic switch components. It has the advantages of simple structure, small size and easy to control. Its shell is a sealed glass tube, tube is equipped with two elastic reeds iron panels, poured the inert gas called a rhodium metal. At ordinary times, two of the glass tube made of special materials reeds are separated. When magnetic material close to the glass tube, under the action of magnetic field lines, two reed pipe is magnetized and attract each other contact, reed will suck together, make the circuit connected nodes. When the magnetic disappeared, two reeds due to the elasticity of itself apart, the line is disconnected. Therefore, it is used as as a signal of the magnetic fields to control the circuit switching device. It can be used as a sensor, and used to count, spacing and so on. In the security system it is mainly used in the production of door magnetic, magnetic window), but also widely used in all kinds of communication equipment. In practice, usually with a permanent magnet control this two pieces of metal on it or not, so also known as "magnetron".

Usage introduction:

1. Dry reed pipe need to be used with magnet. Under certain magnetic force, will be in conducting state, and then the module outputs low level. When magnetic disappeared, show off state, and output high level. The distance between dry reed pipe and magnetic should be within 1.5cm, beyond this range, it will not trigger the phenomenon.

2. Module D0 output port can connect to microcontroller I/O port directly, and use the microcontroller to detect the dry reed pipe's status.

3. Module D0 output port connects to relay's IN end which composed of a high power dry reed pipe switches to control high voltage directly.







Step 1: Stack all the Microduino module and sensor, as follows:


Step 2: Compile the program and download it.

Step 3: Put a magnet near the dry reed pipe, observe what's the OLED display.


Magnet near the dry reed pipe, OLED will display ON, and move it, will display OFF.