Microduino Update light intensity to Yeeklink and post tweet(LM35, DS18b20, DHT11, SHT10, AM2321)

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This tutorial will teach you to use the sina twitter of Yeelink. When the light intensity's value large than a specific value, will post a message by sina twitter.


Yeelink Setting

Click the [Manage action], you can see following window:


Fill in the information, as follows:

Action name: Send a twitter

Type: twitter

Twitter provider: Sina

Obtained the authorization

We have added three sensors in device, then find the light sensor in [Device management], click the [+ add a sensor] in lower right corner, then you can see following picture:


Set the information, such as if the value larger than 30, post a twitter, the content is that strong light.


Flashlight irradiates the sensor for a period of time, then you can a message in your twitter that: strong light.

You also can use sensor LM35, DS18B20, DHT11, SHT10 and AM2321 to post a twitter.