Multi-Functional Flashlight

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Make a multi-functional flashlight, which can be lighting, and the brightness is adjustable.

Suitable kits: mCookie102, mCookie202, mCookie302, IBC

Module Bill


Module Number Function
mCookie-Core 1 Core board
mCookie-USBTTL 1 Program download
mCookie-Hub 1 Sensor adapter plate
Crash 1 Crash sensor
LED 1 Single color LED

Other Equipment

  • USB cable*1
  • Sensor cable*1
  • Sensor shell*1
  • Lego or other fixation structure
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Module Setup

Anywhere table-lamp-module—step.jpg
  • Assemble the modules and sensors together:
    • Stick the red core modules, USB upload module and green extension module together;
    • Connect the red LED to pin 6/7 of Hub;
    • Connect the crash to pin 4/5 of Hub;
    • Insert one end of USB cable into the USB upload module, and connect the other to computer;


Required Program Blocks


Programming Thought

Press the switch, the light is the most bright; press again, the light gets dark; press the third time, the light goes off. Adjust the brightness of the flashlight through “switch”.



1. Switch 4 is pressed, then LED 6 emits strong light
Set the pin of "crash button" program block to 4, and the state to press; set the "analog output" pin to 6, and assign 255 to it; set delay to 1000ms.


2. Switch 4 is pressed, and the LED 6 emits weak light.
Set the pin of crash to 4, and the state to press; set the pin of program block of "analog write" to 6, and assign 50 to it; delay 1000ms.


3、Switch 4 is pressed, and the LED 6 goes off.
Set the pin of "crash button" program block to 4, and the state to press; set the pin of "analog write" program block to 6, and assign 0 to it; delay 1000ms.


4. So link the program blocks together, and choose the core and port to download program.
Test the result:
Each time you press the switch, the brightness of LED will change. Make a flashlight with Lego, and install the switch and LED in the right place. Pay attention to the shell should be suitable for carrying.

Anywhere flashlight.jpg

Technical Specification

  • The product number of the crash sensor: MSDS11
  • Crash sensor is belong to digital signal input sensor.
  • For details, please refer to Sensor-Crash

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