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Say "Cheese!" towards MIC, it will send out infrared signal and at the same time, the camera will take a picture.

Take photo.jpg


Take photo-sch.jpg


Module Number Function
mCookie-CoreUSB 1 Core board
mCookie-Hub 1 Sensor pin board
mCookie-BM 1 Battery management
Microduino-Microphone 1 Sound detection sensor
Microduino-IR Emitter 1 Infrared transmitting sensor
Take photo-module.jpg

Program Download

  • Setup 1: Connect CoreUSB and your PC/Mac with a USB cable, and then open Arduino IDE.
CoreUSB Ble pc.jpg
  • Setup 2: Click file > example> mCookie > _205_SayCheese
Take photo-upload2.jpg
  • Setup 3: Select the right board and COM port, and then download the program.
Take photo-upload3.jpg

Software Debugging

  • Define Sony camera infrared transmitting code
#define PHOTO 0xB4B8F
  • Control pin definition
#define mic_pin A0
#define IR_pin 6
  • Sound trigger value
#define voice 400#define voice 400
  • When the sound is louder than the trigger value, the camera will be triggered after a period of time delay and counting. The time delay is decided by function values of "num" and "delay". Users can also change the related parameters can have a try. Taking picture is controlled by the function "take", which can only send photographing instruction once.
  if (voice_data > voice && take == false)
    time = millis();
    if (num > 20)
      take = true;
  • The next shot can be triggered one second later after detecting no sound.
  else if (millis() - time > 1000 )//Take pictures after one second.   {
    voice_data = analogRead(mic_pin);
    if (voice_data < voice)
      num = 0;
      take = false;
    time = millis();
  • Send photographing instruction function
 void takePhoto()
  for (int i = 0; i < 3; i++)
    irsend.sendSony(PHOTO, 20); // Sony code

Hardware Buildup

  • Setup1: Connect MIC sensor to A0 pin of the Sensorhub and infrared transmitting sensor to D6 pin.
Take photo setup 1.jpg
  • Setup2: Connect the activated battery box and BM module.
CoreUSB Ble steup2.jpg
  • Setup3: Stack all modules together without fixed order and finish the buildup.
Take photo steup ok.JPG


Take photo case.JPG


Yell at MIC and trigger the camera.

Take photo legao-ok.JPG