Sensor-IO Split

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Sensor-IO split

The product number of Sensor-IO Split is: MSDE21

Sensor-IO-split can split a 4PIN interface (sensor / trinket connector) into two separate connectors. This gives access to the second GPIO on the standard sensor / trinket header.

Introduction of Pins

Sensor backpin.png

IO Split
General Pin Out Sensor / Trinket's Pin Out
  • General Pin Out is the standard pin out of a Sensor / Trinket connector.
  • Sensor / Trinket's Pin Out is this specific Sensor / Trinket's wiring in relation to the General Pin Out.
  • SIGNAL-A / SIGNAL-B are signals that could be digital input, digital output, analog input or analog output. Or special signals such as serial communication (SoftwareSerial, IIC (I2C), etc) or other special signals.
  • Not Connected refers to the Pin not being used for this particular Sensor / Trinket.
  • Read more about the hub module.

  • All interfaces of Sensor-IO Split are 4 pin JST 1.27mm pitch connectors / headers.
Microduino-IO-split rule1.jpg

After connecting the IN connector to a header on the Sensor Hub. A interface corresponds to the even pins of header, and the B interface is corresponding to the odd pins header.

For example, connecting to the 6/7 pin of Hub, the corresponding pin of A is 6, and the corresponding pin of B is 7.



It can be used to divide the two IO signals of one 4PIN port in Sensor Hub into two 4PIN ports.



File:Sensor-IO split-F.JPG
Sensor-IO split Front
File:Sensor-IO split -b.JPG
Sensor-IO split Back
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