S4A Scratch Getting Started

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Software Preperation

  • Software communication support package, needed to be downloaded and then installed to the core board of Microduino. Local download: File:S4AFirmware15.zip

Hardware Preperation

  • Other equipment
    • PC
    • USB cable

Users can also use mCookie-CoreUSB, Microduino-CoreUSB or Microduino-Core+ to debug. Please select the right board from Tools->Board->XXX in Arduino IDE when you download the program.


Hardware Connection

  • Stack Microduino-Core and MicroduinoUSBTTL, then connect to the PC through USB cable.
  • Open "S4AFirmware15" with Arduino IDE, choose the right board and port and then download the program to Microduino-Core.
Arduino IDE.jpg
  • Install S4A programming software, open it when connecting automatically to Microduino boards, and you can see the connected port number and monitor analog port data.
  • Have fun after buildup!


LED Flashing Experiment